Book Prices  Sept-2012   -   Scribe Bishausen and Holl-O-Lit


Printing prices vary not only from booksize but also because some of the older books are not properly digitalised yet, but we try to keep the prices as low as possible for you and in simple, rounded sums. Bestsellers at your bookshop will seem to be rather cheaper than the books here, but the bestsellers are printed in hugely economic numbers, which is not possible for our more specific bookbuying public. Note also the “bulk” prices listed. Books are on sale directly at some O-events and can be also ordered from:


W. Holloway   -   Brüderweg 6,   D-37176 Bishausen       or


When making payment the simplest method is via PayPal, where costs are minimal and security good. Please register an account with PayPal if you do not already have one and transfer the money by:

1. Personal login   2. Click "send money"   3. Give my mailaddress, the money sum, the currency and order details   4. Click further to check it all   5. Click "send" to transfer it. In some systems the words may be a bit different.


Money transfers inside Europe:

You might find it possible to transfer money at little extra cost by using the international bank transfer codenumbers. My bank account is:

SWIFT/BIC:    NOLA DE 21 NOM               

IBAN:    DE90 2625 0001 0160 0796 04


English:                                                       Euros        Reductions for more books:

Modern Orienteering Training                        12                   2 books  -  2 Euros less

Murder and O-Thrillers                                   10                   5 books   -   20% off          

Wilf Holloways Orienteering Stories                10                  20 books   -   30% off          

World Class Orienteering                               14                  60  books  -   50% off

Training Insights                                            10

Chessreading Treasure                                 12           Please note when ordering by post

Missing from Moscow (hardback)                    20          that package(*)/ post costs are

Wilf Holloway`s Chess Stories                        10              4 Euros for 1 book,

Winning Chess Psychology - Volume I             15              7 Euros for 2-3 books

Winning Chess Psychology - Volume II            15             12 Euros for 4-6 books 

Secret Wishes                                                8

                    (But then up to 25 Kg for only 20 Euros in Europe!(   (World a bit more - ask price)

                            (innerhalb Deutschland: 1 Buch=2 E, 2/3 Bücher=3 E, 4-7 Bücher=4 E)


Schulorientierungslauf                            15              When ordering please state whether

Fröhlicher Fussball                                  10               you would like the books signed by

Bewegt – Emotionaler Sport Hautnah       10               the author. You may also state the

Extra Erinnert – 35 Jahre GSG                 3               exact form you wish (nice to do for

 Schlummernde Sehnsüchte                     8                personal presents to friends).


Hans Livs Lopp                                         5         Books also on sale at some O-events


(*) Sending books internationally these days is very expensive and the prices listed above are sometimes even made at a small loss for me, when envelope costs come to the sheer post-office costs, but I try to keep the prices simple. Innerhalb Deutschland sind die Preise deutlich günstiger, weil die Transportkosten viel geringer sind:

1 Buch = 2 Euro        2-3 Bücher = 3 Euro        4-7 Bücher = 4 Euro        Grössere Bestellungen = anfragen!