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Since this article was written, a number of books have been republished and new books written - see details later in homepage.

Wilf Holloway`s Orienteering Books   -  April 2012


Over the years a number of Wilf Holloway`s books have achieved a kind of cult status amongst the world`s enthusiastic orienteeers because originally only a few hundred were published and there have so far been no reprints. Both the standard works on training and the fictional collections of stories (with that stunning cover page produced by Tom Andrews!) were much sought-for and cherished items. Such was the interest that by 2010 these intriguing books were sometimes changing hands at major events for up to 150 US-dollars!

“Modern Orienteering Training” is now over 30 years old but still reckoned by many good orienteers to be the most comprehensive English-language book for competitors keen to improve. “Murder at the 14th Control” was orienteering’s first-ever whodunnit, with clues and solution in classical detective fashion, but only solvable by clever orienteers. The other stories in this collection are all based on our sport but range from real-life situations via thriller to science-fiction and fantasy, and are packed with fascinating ideas and often surprising endings emphasizing Wilf´s imagination and ability.

Some of the stories were transalated  into Swedish and Japanese and his standard work on orienteering at school has so far been published only in German (“Schulorientierungslauf”), but an English version of this much-praised book is planned. His dozen books so far cover wide fields of interest including a massive double volume on practical chess psychology, an espionage novel as love story and satire all together, and a German collection of soccer anecdotes hilariously based upon real events in 50 years as player, coach and referee.

Over the years many people have written asking for reprints of the top o-books, but other projects (Wilf was national champion in two sports, German national coach for orienteering, and helped school teams to 30 area titles in chess and soccer) prevented this eventuality.

Until now! 

In retirement he hopes to find time to reproduce the books so that whole new generations of o-lovers can experience these more unusual facets of our wonderful sport. It is planned to bring some of the books out for the world veteran`s championships in Germany in July where Wilf has worked as course planner and should be available to autograph books in the evening at the event centre.

“Modern Orienteering Training” will appear much as before, but the o-fiction has been reorganised into two books: “Murder and the Thrillers” covers the main detective story and all those stories with more exciting backgrounds whilst “Wilf Holloway`s Orienteering Stories” is a collection of fact and fiction, all the shorter stories plus a wealth of interesting ideas and amusing anecdotes from a half-century of racing, training, coaching, teaching and organising orienteering at all levels. You can obtain a price list (there are also trade reductions) and order the books from   wilfholloway@web.de 



Wilf Holloway’s


30 years ago the world’s first small booklet of fictional orienteering stories was published, soon to be followed by a whole collection around the clever mystery “Murder at the 14th Control”. Orienteers were enthralled by these imaginative stories, closely based upon real experiences but covering a wide range of intrig-uing o-themes. Often they had very surprising endings and it was amazing how a writer could come up with so many fascinating ideas. In 2011 this book was fetching over 240 dollars at Amazon and many cherished copies were not even lent out because the owners wanted to ensure they retained their books!

Upon deciding to republish the stories, Wilf Holloway discovered that he had in the meantime accumulated a lot more material and one book wouldn’t cope. So now the thrillers (“Murder”, “Race”, and so on) have already been reissued in one collection, and here in this present book are the somewhat lighter stories, albeit with Wilf’s incredible range of ideas and stunning endings. Besides the intrig-uing fiction you will now also find here many anecdotes and real-life stories from orienteering, amusing and interesting facets of an orienteer’s experiences over 45 years in our wonderful sport. Half of this book has never been published before.

Wilf Holloway has been a top orienteer with many titles, a world championships coach, an early pioneer in schools’ orienteering and mental training, writer of the renowned “Modern Orienteering Training”, organiser and event  controller of top international events, and author of top articles and books ranging from chess psychology to soccer satire. Here’s what experts said about the first O-book:


Through Holloway’s marvellous style I felt right there in the woods with the runners……He emerges a remarkably versatile and gifted storyteller.”                                                             

                                                                  “Orienteering North America”    (USA)


“One is definitely left wanting more.”

                                                                      “Compass Sport”   (UK)